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Yarragon Primary School & Early Learning Centre have partnered with Compass to provide an online management system which is designed to better connect parents, teachers, students and schools through an easy-to-use online communication system.

Compass combines school management and communication tools with easy access to important information for the people involved in a student's learning and wellbeing: including daily attendance, overview of student progress, timetable, medical alerts and emergency contacts.

Families will be given unique log in details once your child has enrolled. 


Attendance Notes

We ask that parents use this portal to notify the school of any student absences and to communicate directly with teachers. 


Attendance notes can be entered prior to a known absence or on the morning of. 

* Notes do not need to be entered for partial days as students are to be signed in for late arrivals or out for an early departures using the Kiosk at the School Office by an adult. 

If your child is away unexplained, you will get a notification. 

Excursion Consent / Payments on Compass 

Your child may attend Camps or Excursions throughout their schooling. 

to grant permission, log into the Compass Parent Portal to approve the event and make payment ( if applicable) online by the due dates. 

Compass Calendar 

Keep up to date with important events. 

Sick Bay Entries 

If your child is sick or needs first aid treatment, staff complete details directly into a Compass Chronicle and you will be notified via Compass. 

Reporting and Parent /Teacher/ Student Discussions 

Semester 1 and 2 reports are uploaded onto Compass for families to view. 

We strongly recommend families download and save reports. 


Parent Teacher Student Discussions are held in Term 1 and Term 3. Booking are made by families directly through Compass.

This allows for families to book a day / time that suits your family. 

Newsfeeds / Newsletters

Important information and Newsletters are published directly through Compass. 

These may come to you as a push notification or/ and email.




Login to Compass

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