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Gradual Release of Responsibility

At Yarragon Primary School we implement the gradual release of responsibility model of instruction which requires that the teacher shift from assuming “all the responsibility for performing a task … to a situation in which the students assume all of the responsibility” (Duke & Pearson, 2002, p. 211).

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Workshop Model

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We also use a workshop model to foster a cycle of student work, timely feedback, and assessment. This model allows for students to show what they understand, so teachers can adjust practice to what they need most.

The opening of a lesson is to share the learning intentions and success criterias for the learning.

The mini-lesson is where the teacher provides direct instruction for the whole class.

Work-time is where students dig in and practice the learning - this is the most important part of the model and therefore has the longest period of time allocated.

The catch phase occurs at during work time and is either planned or unplanned. It is usually intended as a time to 'catch' any confusions the teacher has noticed in students to clarify and set students on task again.

Debriefing is a time for checking in with the success criteria for the lesson and to celebrate the successes of the students.

Inquiry & Science - Curriculum Design

At YPS we have developed a 2-year Inquiry Learning Curriculum Design which is clear and reflects the cross-curricula prirorities of the Victorian Curriculum. This document has 4 distinct throughlines which cover the concepts of "Who Are We?", "Where Do We Come From?", "Where Do We Live?" and "Where Are We Going?".  Within this is a build from Foundation to Grade 6, where the level of understanding deepens as students progress throughout their learning at YPS.

We have also developed a scope and sequence for Science that is also reflective of a 2-year learning cycle and compliments the learning and teaching through the Inquiry curriculum. By using both of these documents, the teaching staff at Yarragon Primary School can ensure that all areas of the Victorian Science Curriculum are covered across a 2-year cycle.

Specialist Subjects at Yarragon Primary School

At YPS we offer the following subjects as Specialists in 2023:

AUSLAN - Mr Daniel Riddle

Physical Education - Mr Kallan Fitzclarence

STEM - Mrs Kalinda Young

Visual Art - Ms Alyce Van De Burgt

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