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Student Enrolment Form


Camps Sports and Excursions Fund Application Form

Parents or legal guardians are required to complete a Camps Sports and Excursions Fund application form and lodge it with their child’s school for processing. 

Application forms should be completed and lodged with schools as soon as possible in term one, as payments are made from March onwards. However schools will be able to accept and process applications up until the end of term two each year. 
Application forms are available for download on this page or printed copies are available at schools. 

Shared Custody 

The CSEF system only allows one application per student. Parents in shared custody situations are encouraged to make decisions as to who applies for the CSEF. Schools should not be put into the position of arbitrating in decisions such as this. 

If the parents cannot decide between themselves who should apply, they should be encouraged to resolve the dispute through the Family Court, or contact the Department's CSEF Helpdesk for more information on 1800 060 970


A free and voluntary service to pay bills and expenses as regular deductions from your Centrelink payments. 

You can start, change or cancel deductions at any time, to meet your needs. 

This is a fantastic way to manage your finances while having money automatically deducted from your payments. You can pay for school / kinder fees, camps and excursions. 

If you would like to register for Centrepay please collect an application form from the school office, complete and return to school.

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