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Foundation Preparation Night
Wednesday 25th October
5.30pm - 6.30pm
In our School Library
Please register via email your intention to attend by email:
Session 1 Thursday 16th November 2023
Starting School
Children will be greeted in the classroom before taking a tour of our school where they will meet other students and staff before engaging in classroom practice.
We will have a group discussion on “What makes great   learners”
This day will give them the opportunity to experience what a day in Foundation will look like.
Session 2 Thursday 23rd November 2023
Today students are encouraged to share their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. As a whole class we read through an entertaining BIG BOOK before learning to :
  • Share prior knowledge
  • Making life connections to the story
  • Look at the pictures for information
  • Find letters and sounds we know
  • Complete a task to share our understanding.
Session 3 Thursday 30th November 2023
Students actively participate in interactive counting videos before heading off to read, write and use concrete materials, for example: dice, blocks, rulers, to demonstrate our number sense.
Session 4 Thursday 7th December 2023
Zones of Regulation
Session 4 is learning to identify and regulate our emotions through our Zones of Regulation Program. This program is taught across the whole school including the ELC. Students play games to make connections to stories, learning
to identify emotions from the different zones in both  themselves and others.
Session 5 Tuesday 12th December 2023
Statewide Transition Day
Here we put the snapshot of Foundation into action! Students are at school for the day from 9-12.30pm and follow the curriculum timetable – Numeracy, Literacy and Inquiry as well as transitioning out to recess to investigate and play before heading back into the classroom!
Please bring a snack and drink bottle.
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