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Yarragon Primary School fosters leadership through School Captains, House Captains and School Representative Council. 

Our Student Representative Council meets to assist the safe running of the school and in particular the students.

2024 Student Leaders

Our Student Leaders are chosen through a voting process involving our Grade 3-6 students. 

Our Student Leaders for 2024 are: 

Jacob Landmeter, Levi Hamilton, Rose Brooker and Hunter Roberts. 


2024 House Captains

At Yarragon Primary School we have 4 School Houses. These are Fisher (Blue), Sanders (Red), Stoneman (Yellow) and Simpson (Green). 


Our House Captains for 2024 

Fisher: Saxon Ostojic, Eleanor Jefford

Sanders: Bridget Riddle, Rivah van Eyk, 

Stoneman: Lincoln Hurst, Billie Wedrowicz

Simpson: Cooper Smith-Butterworth, Linus Neuhauser, Wendlandt

2024 School Representative Council 

Our School Representative Council for 2024 are:  Tilly Allen, Darcy Lowrie, Zoe Elkington, Arie De Ligt, Clancy Moyes, Dylan Bawden, Jackson Drysdale, Cora Maye, Shailah Middleton and Buckley Visser. 


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